Dr. Shackleton's Experience

Dr. Shackleton has extensive experience in all aspects of abdominal organ transplantation as well as in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. Over the course of his career, he has initiated many successful transplant programs at a number of institutions. His record includes more than 1000 liver transplants and nearly 500 kidney transplants with success rates among the highest achieved. His liver experience encompasses recipients aged less than one year to patients over seventy employing whole-organ, reduced-size, split and living donor techniques.

From 1988 to 1993, Dr. Shackleton served on the faculty of the Department of Surgery at the University of British Columbia where he established a provincial organ retrieval team, directed the provincial organ procurement network and co-founded the liver transplant program in Vancouver together with Dr. Charles H. Scudamore. These programs maintained the highest rates of organ retrieval and graft success in Canada. During this period Dr. Shackleton had the privilege to be mentored by, and collaborate with, Dr. Paul A. Keown, acknowledged internationally as a thought leader in transplantation pharmaco-therapeutics, immuno-biology and clinical outcomes research.

In 1993, Dr. Shackleton teamed with Dr. Ronald W. Busuttil at the UCLA Liver Transplant Program, where he successfully re-established the whole-organ pancreas transplant program and introduced microsurgical techniques to the pediatric liver transplant program. From 1995 to 1997 he served as Program Director of the Center for Liver Diseases and Transplantation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center were he rapidly re-established the institutions liver transplant program following the departure of the preceding team. As a result of its success during Dr. Shackletons tenure, the Cedars liver program was awarded a number of highly competitive health care provider contracts.

From 1999-2004, he was Director of the Multi-Organ Transplant Program and The Center for Liver and Kidney Diseases and Transplantation at Cedars-Sinai. Concurrently, he held the academic rank of Professor in the Division of Liver and Pancreas Transplantation, Department of Surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. During this period he founded the live-donor liver transplant program at Cedars-Sinai, performed the first whole-organ pancreas transplants at that institution and successfully re-instated their pediatric liver transplant program.

Dr. Shackleton has authored more than 190 scientific papers and abstracts. His research interests include the study of the mechanisms and impact of preservation injury and its interaction with the immune response, recurrent hepatitis following liver transplantation, hepatocellular carcinoma, live-donor liver transplantation, acute liver failure and clinical outcomes analysis. He is knowledgeable in relational database management systems, application server technology and has experience with the design, installation and management of clinical data networks as well as facility with a variety of statistical analytical methods.

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